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Please Note: We request up to 15 Mins notice for any online bookings. If you would like to book a car with less than 30 mins notice – Please call our reservation team on PHONE +44 07553120987

Who are southendairporttravel.co.uk?

We are the best in comfort and luxury taxi service in the UK that provide you the business class travel style with our amazing Mercedes S Class cars. Our taxis are so comfortable and spacious that you can relax while heading towards your destination.

How can one book taxi from southendairporttravel.co.uk?

If you are traveling to the UK for the first time, you may not have information about how you can book this fantastic taxi service from southendairporttravel.co.uk. This quality and reliable taxi company offers multiple platforms to book your taxi.

You can book your taxi through: Using southendairporttravel.co.uk website: The first option to book your cab is through using our website. Just type the URL on Google, and it will take you to our site within seconds. After directing to our website, click on the booking taxi with the website. Another webpage option that requires you to put all the necessary information. Type your name, contact number, from where they have to pick you and where you wanted to drop. After filling all the requirements, they will get you a quote. After getting the quote, you can book your car through our website. Using your iPhone: The exciting thing about our taxi service is that now you can operate it through your iPhone by downloading our mobile app. Repeat the process of filling the form as you were done on the website to book a luxury taxi for you. It is the most convenient way of booking a car. By using your android phone:

Another way to book southendairporttravel.co.uk taxi to continue your journey is to use the android phone app. This app is specially designed for Android users to schedule their ride with comfort and ease.

Over phone call or SMS: southendairporttravel.co.uk cares about their customers and give them the option to book a taxi on a telephone call and through sending an SMS. You can book your luxurious Mercedes by whatever procedure you like to follow and which seems natural and convenient for you.

These options are just given to facilitate the customers and to make their journey a wonderful experience as well. How to book a car by using taxi Mobile App: If you want to book a car by using a taxi Mobile App, then you first have to download mobile app from southendairporttravel.co.uk. Then follow these simple and easy steps to book a taxi.

Step 1: Open the app and make an account on this app. The app will ask you to add your user name and password. Write your name and set the password. The app may ask you to provide your email address. If you have an email id then add it to the app, if not, skip this step. This way you will make your new account.

Step 2: Switch on your Data Step 2: Then turn on location services on your mobile. It is important because the location services will help the app to detect your current location.

Step 3: After turning on the location, the device will ask you to put up your current site. Add your current place in the current location icon.

Step 4: Then the app will ask you to add a pickup point. Add the location where you would meet the driver to pick you up.

Step 5: Then the app will ask you to add your destination address. Add your destination location on the destination icon.

Step 6: The device will then indicate the estimated fare that the taxi service will charge you upon reaching your destination.

Step 7: Select ok and wait for the device to find a nearby ride for you. The driver name will be visible along with the car number. Step 8: You can see upon the provided map how much time the driver will take to reach the pick-up point. Meet the driver on the pick-up point, and then your ride will get started. Fare calculation When you hear the word fare, the first thought that comes to your mind is the meter that is visible on the car dashboard. Our taxi service does not work this way. We calculate the fare in a slightly different way. Most of the mobile apps charge fare in three ways

  • Fare charge per minute
  • Fare charge per mile
  • Flat rates

The fare is usually charged in per minute or per mile. Also, if any of the promotion is going on, then as you would activate your promo, the fare will get reduce automatically. All the fares that we charge are flat, and all of them are available on our website depending upon the location and area.

Payment Methods:

Southend Airport Travel service app provides its users the ease of payment through online payment modules. With this, you do not have to reach out to your wallet every time you travel. However, you can also pay the driver with cash on hand. Because we understand that some people do not have online paying accounts. But for some of those who do not like to have some money in their hand and do have their online paying accounts, our service provides them the feasibility of paying cash online. Also, if you have a PayPal account or credit card, you can pay us with your cards and account.

Rating system Southend Airport Travel service is more reliable than any other taxi services. We give the opportunity to riders to tell us about their ride and their driver on the rating system in this app. The rating features of this app connect the passengers with us. The rating system and reviews are a way to tell us how our service has been going and what our riders would like us to improve and what they want about our services. The instant feedback will provide you with “Why choose Southend Airport Travel Service app?”

Imagine your flight got delayed and you are worried whether you will be able to catch your booked taxi or not? Thoughts like whether you will survive the cold of the night in your taxi ride must be flooding your mind. Because during the flight you cannot call your driver to update him/her about your arrival. With Southend Airport Travel Service app, your ride will get the book even before you will reach land. The driver will monitor your landing flight timings upon this app and will come to pick you accordingly. In case your flight gets delayed, you will not get charged with additional charges. If your plane got delayed or early, you can quickly text your driver to meet you in next 30, 40, or whatever minutes that suits you the most. In order to avoid unnecessary complications, drivers can pick you up on the location that you provide on your account. Also, this way your time for calling your driver for updating about your arrival is get saved because the app makes the connection between the rider and the driver one to one. The payment method is also one of the best features that this app provides. You can pay for your ride online or through your credit card. This way you do not have to worry about having cash on your hand. But still, you can pay cash on hand to the driver. The mapping technology of this app keeps you up to date about the location of the car both when you wait for the arrival of the car and while moving in the car towards your destination. The mapping technology that this app offers also allows the driver to choose one of the quickest routes toward the rider’s location and after picking the rider, toward the destination point. If you want to enjoy a friendly ride and unbelievable relief while traveling, then you must download this app to get cozy in the warm atmosphere inside the car after a tiresome flight during cold midnight.  Also, do not forget to provide your feedback on our website to share your experience.

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