Southend Airport
Introduction to the Southend Airport
Southend Airport is one of the most important airports in London. It was London’s third busiest airport in the 1960s. After the 1970s the number of passengers started to decline however since the last few years the airport has seen a record in crease in the passenger numbers. The year 2018 saw an increase of about 400,000 passengers from the previous year. An estimated 1.4 million passengers used the airport in 2018. It is the highest number of passengers for the airport since its inception.
The first brick of the airport was put in place in the time of First World War. It started construction around 1914 and the first ever flight from the airport was a military flight in 1915. The airport has a rich history as a military airport. It was used as a military base for the royal air force. The airport also played the role of a military base in the Second World War as well. The airport has also had some financial problems in the past and was at one time on the brink of closure. New and heavy investments kept the airport running (or flying in this case).
The Most Popular Destination
Southend airport is one of the most popular airports in London. It facilitates both local and international flights. The most popular destination from the south end airport is Amsterdam. More than 193000 passengers traveled between London and Amsterdam through Southend airport in 2018.
Award Winning Airport
It is considered as one of Londoner’s favorite airports. It has been named the best airport in London five times by WHICH? Magazine. In the category of airports that facilitate fewer than 3 million annual passengers Southend airport has won the best airport in UK award three times.
Rails and Roads
The airport is located in Essex just 58 km from the center of London. The airport can be easily reached through roads and an extensive railway system. Southend airport has its own railway station which helps to make the transportation more smooth and easy.
What Does The Future Hold For Southend Airport
There are many popular restaurants, cafes shops, etc. in and near the airport. With passing time, new businesses are being opened in the surrounding areas of the airport. The airport authorities are also looking to expand the airport itself. It is expected that new routes will also be added to the schedule in the future. It is also expected that in the year 2020 the airport would be able to facilitate around 2 million passengers on an annual basis.
Southend Airport Chauffeur Drivers
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